I hadn’t realised there was such a refined hobby/process for creating these paper or cardboard models. They are generated from digital models, but must require a fair bit of work digitally to not mean a huge amount of work physically. The Papercraft Museum site had some nice introduction to the pursuit including intro videos and then a library of models.

I found about this because of this half-size Lamborghini Aventador police car (on laughing squid) which is pretty awesome, shows off the form beautifully and looks strong in card. I like how this process uses larger faces and this given everything a very digital-model feel. below you will also see one for Darksiders (via GadgetSin)

One of the reasons for my interest is that here in BE UNSW in terms of design education have students building models all the time using various methods. I havene ever seen one of these papercraft models though, and they would be very interesting a the larger scale.

Plus it is obvious, but still clever that the model comes pre-coloured because of the printing…